How much does a rated security door cost in perth?

Security door prices Perth single door in red, includes triple locking, closer and bug strip.

Looking for Security Door Prices Perth? First of price isn’t everything that’s why choosing the right company for your security requirements is so important. This can be done by doing a bit of research. Nowadays we have social media and people are quick to tell someone how bad someone is. This holds companies accountable and helps the consumer because they get to weed out the bad from the good.

Security door prices Perth is a little harder to estimate. This is because most companies hold their cards close to their chest so that they can come out and do the big sales pitch. We have always been open in our approach and its because of this we have created this page.

Are we the cheapest? No. Are we competitive? Yes.
Most of our work comes from either referrals or existing clients.
Every company will say they are the best, we say get 3 quotes and send them all away. Ask to see samples, research the product AND the company! Because if you don’t, you are buying based on a sales pitch only.

And a good tip…If they don’t have reviews activated on social media STAY AWAY!

What factors determine price?

Various factors determine the price including (but not limited to)…

  • Types of mesh
  • Frame types
  • colours
  • sizes
  • sub frames
  • configurations eg single, double, sliding, hinged or stacking etc

Taking this into account please see below pricing based on a 2110 x 820 (standard front door), standard colour into a rebated frame.
All Hinged doors come with a closer, at least 3 hinges, bug-strips where needed and 2 keys.

Single door (Security door prices Perth)

Grille $458inc
AluGard Edge $681inc
InvisiGard $743inc
InvisiMaxx $ 949inc

Double door (Security door prices Perth)

Grille $954inc
AluGard Edge $1320inc
InvisiGard $1381inc
InvisiMaxx $1800inc

All prices based on a 20% deposit with balance on completion.


We have 100s of colour to choose from, below are some examples of what have been done.

Security door prices of multiple colours.


Security doors come in many configurations including, single hinged, single sliding, double hinged, double slider, cat and kitten hinged, stacking sliding, double stacking, corner sliding and many more.

Security door configurations