How to clean security doors?

The newer type mesh security doors are easier to clean than the traditional grille screens that have flywire. Although easier doesn’t mean easy or pleasant, they are still a job most of us avoid as much as possible like any cleaning or maintenance. It is important that cleaning and maintenance is done regularly to get the most out of your door and to ensure your warranty stays valid.
So how do you clean mesh security doors?
The below guide is applicable to cleaning both Stainless Steel Mesh doors and Aluminium Perforated Mesh doors.
This is a guide only and different manufacturers will have slightly different approaches and guidelines. Its important to check what door you have and the recommended cleaning methods to ensure your warranty is kept valid.

The DONTs…

  • DO NOT use chemicals
  • DO NOT use harsh cleaners
  • DO NOT use harsh brushes or any abrasive rags or sponges.
  • DO NOT use polishes
  • AVOID getting too much water in the lock mechanisms.

What you need…

  • A soft brush e.g. that off a dustpan and brush set (must have soft bristles)
  • 2 x microfiber lint free cloths (one for wiping, the other for drying)
  • Bucket
  • Water (Luke warm)
  • Hose
  • Gentle detergent (We advise a small amount of car wash and wax)


  1. Remove the door from frame if possible.
  2. Lean the door (if taken off) somewhere secure and where it wont get scratched.
  3. Brush off as much as you can gently while dry e.g. cob webs, leaves etc.
  4. Hose the door down gently.
  5. Using the brush dipped in the water and detergent mix, wipe the mesh up and down then side to side on both sides.
  6. Rinse door.
  7. Using the cloth soaked in water mix, gently wipe the outer door frame.
  8. Rinse door.
  9. Repeat steps 6,7 and 8 if required.
  10. Using the dry cloth dry the door as much as possible. (TIP. A gentle but firm tap in the middle of the door will expel a lot of water from the mesh)


While you are cleaning the door and the door is dry, it is a good time to perform maintenance. All security doors require some maintenance on locks and other moving parts.

Using a dry lubricant, lubricate the locks and hinges.
Check the rollers and replace if needed. (TIP. If you have rollers at the top and bottom you can swap them around as the top rollers don’t wear like to the bottom.)
Side note. When replacing rollers, you may need to adjust the heights to line the door up. This is done via the adjustment holes at the bottom of the door on the inside. Make sure the locks line up with the keepers and everything works.
Rollers require changing every 2-4 years (can require changing every 6-12 months if very close to coast). Rollers and fly-wire are not covered under warranty.