Aluminium security mesh doors and screens

AluGard Edge is a very popular product due to its affordability, security and modern looks. The mesh is made from a high-quality aluminium that is 1.6mm thick and is more than 25% thicker than some competing products. The extruded frame has no visible fixing on either the front or rear face and much like the more expensive Steel systems the mesh is held in using a retention system, so that any impact on the mesh is distributed around the entire frame making it much stronger.
Designed for our coastal environment this product is built to protect your home, provide natural cooling of your home and is built to last.

The key benefits of this products are…

  • Security rated
  • Triple locking on all doors
  • Durability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Good visibility
  • Good airflow
  • Can provide a moderate amount of privacy
  • Cheaper than the steel systems